So apparently there is an opinion piece going around saying that White people shouldn’t be trying to reclaim their ancestral traditions because White people colonized and imperialized and took away other peoples’ cultural traditions.

That is indeed true that all that happened. But I believe a key component of the situation is being left out: from whom did they learn these behaviors? Nature abhors a vacuum so clearly this all came from somewhere.

First, let me clarify what “this” is: people of all colors have been taking everyone’s stuff for as long as there have been people so that’s not the issue. The issue is in the damage. The cultural damage done. As in, did the people still get to practice their culture for the most part? If we take the Romans for example, we can say that they did a clean job of taking people over. When the Romans took over, they adopted the Gods of the people they conquered to appease the Gods of those people rather than wiping out Their worship. That is what a conquering nation should do. If you take the land then you take the responsibility for the maintenance of that land’s relationship to the Gods. That’s how it ought to be done.

No, my friends, the problem is once again the all-consuming devourer of meaning and goodness that is Monotheism. Through Monotheism, there is no responsibility to the land or its people. You must kill the infidels who are destined for the Inferno without your divine guidance. If you find them worthy of saving them from such a fate. No, you can just come right in and torture them, castrate their men and boys to parade them around, force children to take monastic orders, destroy sites of cultural significance, and all other kinds of fun stuff. This is what was done to our ancestors and like children in abusive homes people learn those bad behaviors and do unto others as has been done to them.

Monotheism and its incestuous child lover Secularism are viruses that want to spread until all is meaningless, equally flavorless mush. It’s a self-perpetuating evil and it appears in places you don’t even know about until it pounces.

From THAT is what White people need to reclaim their heritage from. The virus in Western society has guided all its actions since.

Now you may say, “But people are free to practice whatever religion they want! We are free!” No, child, we are not free for it truly is a long walk to freedom (I’m pretty sure a famous Non-White activist said that).

Let’s take the United States for example: how many of you reading this blog post know of a physical Polytheist community in your own town with a regular attendance of upwards of twenty people? How many of your children attend schools that are mostly Polytheist? Does your child have at least five Polytheist teachers this year? How about in the entirety of their academic career? Is your child going to after-school programs run by Polytheist organizations? Have you voted for a Polytheist at least once in a local-level, state-level, or even federal-level election? Is your community surrounded by constant reminders of active Polytheist heritage? Probably not. And because of this, we do not have much influence and therefore cannot have as much freedom as our peers.

Not like any of that even matters because we have enemies within. Our own “communities” (if you can really even call them that) cannot even agree what constitutes being a Polytheist or proper Polytheist praxis. We have the same arguments every few years in regards to identity, worship, cleanliness, relations with the Gods, and even if we believe in Gods. And now we’re arguing again over something that is a no-fucking-brainer: ancestor worship.

Ancestor Worship teaches us who we are and strengthens the bond we have to the Gods by way of our lineages ultimately reaching back to Them. The mysteries come from the Gods but manifest through the dead. Our lineage is our line back to the source. The dead live on in us in an ever-expanding chain of life that we are part of even now and will continue to be for all time. To not practice ancestor worship is to essentially sunder this connection that reminds us who we are and where we came from. If we don’t even know who we are then we can’t do our religion right and if we can’t do our religion right then any sort of “progress” or “freedom” present in Western society is ultimately a meaningless gesture. So no, White Polytheists are not free. No Polytheist is free until we know who we are. Until we remember who we are.

“If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and pull it out six inches, there’s no progress. If you pull it all the way out that’s not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. And they haven’t even pulled the knife out much less heal the wound. They won’t even admit the knife is there.”

-MALCOLM X, TV interview, Mar. 1964