I’d like to take a moment to applaud the organizers of the Xenia Declaration for taking immediate action in light of reports of sexual misconduct committed by the man known as Pyrakanthos. May justice be upheld and may the sanctities of our rites as well as our right to consent be maintained.

The House of Vines

Update to my post Disgusting – it seems that the organizers of the Xenia Declaration have looked into the allegations against Pyrokanthos and finally removed him from the list of signatories. Credit where credit is due; I’m sure this was not an easy decision on their part considering his history, contributions and extensive connections both online and in the Bay Area within the Hellenic polytheist, Heathen and Neopagan communities (not to mention the SCA and scifi/fantasy fandoms.) And I will stand by them when the inevitable backlash from Pyrokanthos, his wife Diana Paxson and their cronies and supporters comes, as it did for Ár nDraíocht Féin in the wake of their repudiation of founder and alleged child-raper Isaac Bonewits (who was part of Pyrokanthos and Paxson’s circle back in the day, per the Wild Hunt.) Stopping the abuse and intimidation of the most vulnerable within our communities is vastly…

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