If there is one common theme that Hermes has, it’s the idea of liminality. Many of Hermes’ role involve an exchange or transition from one point to the other. Hermes comes and goes but never stays. He is neither Point A or Point B but the space between points. Hermes is the door, the gate, the road. He has no fixed abode in the heavens nor the earth but instead has his feet in all realms. Perhaps this is why he is so close to humanity? We spend most of our lives getting there than we do being there. We spend years upon years upon years preparing, gathering resources, and focusing all our energy into making sure that this one goal that we have goes right, even though that this one goal often times only takes up a small fraction of our lives. This is often the reason why people don’t enjoy attaining their goals as much as they thought they would; they forget to enjoy the journey to this goal. Let’s face it, the goal will never be what it’s cracks up to be but that’s not the point. Life is not Point A or Point B. Rather, life is the transition through these points going onward into our destiny. Hermes teaches us to appreciate the journey.