Come, O great Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth!  First and last daughter of Kronos, it is You who is present at all rites!  Come now and bless this endeavor that it may be fruitful!  Io Hestia!

Come, O great Hermes, dearest of the Deathless Immortals to my heart.  Angel of Zeus, I hereby dedicate this space to You!  Come and accept worship and praise from those that honor and recognize Your power and the power of all of the Theoi, Daimones, Ancestors, and Heroes. I dedicate this temple to You!  Io Hermes!

Khaire, O Blessed Gods! Never leave.  Cease all illness and drive away sorrow.

I wanted my first words on this blog to be ones of piety.  Hello, everyone!  My name is Andrew Bayless but I am also known as Tetradactyl (more on that later).  I have decided to start a blog dedicated to Hermes, His retinue, the Hellenic pantheon, and my journey as a Hellenic Polytheist.  Here I shall record articles, essays, short writings, flights of fancy, and whatever else I might have to offer on Hermes and His worship as well as other writings on my own personal experiences in the community and any observations I might have.  I hope that you enjoy this site and that you learn something from it.  I certainly will learn something from this experience.