Let the Games Begin!

Today is the beginning of the Olympic Games. As many of you undoubtedly know, this was originally a panhellenic festival centered in Olympia in honor of Zeus Olympios. I encourage you all to pay homage to Father Zeus today in celebration.

Io Zeus Olympios! May you be pleased by the games and may you bless the most deserving nations!

Big Brain Time

Your understanding of the Gods when you read Edith Hamilton: “Sky people get horny and turn girls into plants”

Your understanding of the Gods when you read Rick Riordan: 💩

Your understanding of the Gods when you study polytheistic religion and practice Lived Polytheism:

All Dogs Go To Asgard

*A fierce battle rages as the Gods of Asgard and Vanaheim fight off the forces of the Jotuns. In the middle of the fray, a bizarre sight can be seen: a massive pack of chihuahuas, miniature poodles, papillons, and other various breeds of dogs rush a mountain troll valiantly but are quickly dispatched.*

Thor: Father, I am confused by something.

Odin: What vexes your mind, my son?

Thor: Why do we have among our ranks these beasts unfit for war; brave though some may be?

Odin: *Sigh* These are the dogs that humans said “crossed the rainbow bridge” on social media.