Hymn to Anubis, God of the Dead

Sing, O Muse, of Anubis who is Foremost of Westerners!
Anubis who invented mummification, you are found in the wrappings.
You are the God who is upon His mountain looking over the necropolis and defending the dead.
Who is more noble than the Jackal-headed God?
O Anubis, God who is friendly to the downtrodden, the whole world suffers at the loss of your father.
May you restore Him to health so joy may overcome the Black Land.
Hail to you, Anubis, I praise you in song.
But I shall call to my mind both you and another song!

Osiris Slain

O Lord Osiris, King of Egypt, those who acknowledge your reign weep for you!
What will we do without our bull?
What will we do without the music?
What will we do without the crops?
What will we do without the one who makes life worth living?
The Black Land is now red like your lifeblood but unlike your blood it is barren.
O Jackal-headed Son of Osiris, may your work be speedy in reviving the pharaoh!
O Sister and Wife of Osiris, may you search far and wide though your hearts grieve and may this search be fruitful.
The world weeps for the true king and prays for His return!

Polytheist Hot Take: Say My Name Edition

The contemporary trend of calling Dionysos “Dio” shows how superficially many people take the Gods as they don’t even realize that Dios is Dionysos’ father’s name. Dios is a variant spelling of Zeus’ name.

I know there are worse issues out there but this one kinda bugs me. You’d think a generation that puts so much emphasis on words wouldn’t make that kind of mistake!

YASS QUEEN: My Simple Reasoning For Why I Am Okay With Worshipping Deified Political Leaders

This probably should be an essay and the answer I’m about to give probably is not exhaustive enough to really do this topic justice but basically people ask me I am okay with participating in the cultus of deified rulers like Alexander the Great or the Roman emperors or the Egyptian pharaohs or what not. For instance, today in addition to giving offerings to Aphrodite I am going to be giving offerings to the deified Arsinoe II and Berenike II (two Ptolemaic queens that were worshipped as Goddesses after death). Why would I do this? I see it like this:

Worst case scenario? I wasted two beers participating in a cult of personality designed to support a political regime that no longer exists which ruled a country that I have never been to and will never directly affect me.

Best case scenario? I have given offerings to two Goddesses (who used to be queens) and hopefully They have a better opinion of me because I have maintained the contract between humanity and the divine.

I see this as a situation where I have everything to gain and very little to lose.


Remember: a fed Hermes is a happy Hermes!

Suidas s.v. Deilakrion :
“Deilakrion (Poor fellow) : Hermes was called [this], because he was greedy. For when pieces of meat were shown to him, he dug in right away.”

And I get the feeling He is happy with the lamb gyro and the honey I gave to Him on the outskirts.

Io Hermes Propulaia! Io Hermes Deilakrion!