Monists Say the Darnedest Things

Person: You should just focus on the Godhead and not all of these lesser deities. Why pay respect to the janitor when you can pay respect to the CEO?

Me: Because you’re going to have a really bad time trying to get the CEO to mop the floor when he specifically hired someone to do it for him!

Murderers Don’t Go to Valhalla

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at the Tops Market grocery store in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022 we have been learning more about the murdering criminal who had perpetrated the attack. He was wearing a sonnenrad (a swastika sometimes also called the Black Sun specific to the Nazis, it never […]

Murderers Don’t Go to Valhalla

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Tonight was the blood moon (lunar eclipse) and like any good Hellenic Polytheist I was out with my tambourine trying to discourage witches from drinking the blood of Selene (the Moon Goddess). Once the Moon became white again, I couldn’t help but realize how gorgeous She is. I’m out here on the beach (I work nightshift at a beachfront timeshare) and let me tell you that it is amazing out here. The Moon shimmers on the water so brilliantly that it’s practically daytime on the beach. It’s incredible. I raised my hands in the air and prayed to several Moon Gods (Selene, Mani, Khonsu, etc.) I couldn’t help but worship the brilliance of the Moon.

Our Gods are manifest in the awe-inspiring power of the cosmos. I cannot help but feel that only someone so disconnected from themselves and the natural world could ever truly scoff at the worship of the numinous within our world. To be Pagan is to be a human being. It is our default state. The two greatest sins of our age are the condemnation and over-rationalization of those things that most immensely carry the divine within them. The human soul who can resist being swept up by the majesty of the world has within it a grave sickness. The man who refuses to be rid of this disease is a man I cannot love. Even more odious is the man who lusts after infecting the souls of others. If I be mad or a fool for my stance then may I never know sanity and may I never learn better!

Worship the Moon, my friends. Worship the Gods. Be Pagan.