Hermes on Wednesday

Sing, O Muse, of Hermes on Wednesday!

His words are as sweet as honey.

His tongue can charm or cut the heart as He sees fit.

At His command the elements come together to form the cosmos for He is the Logos!

He is the order!

From the webs of Fate and the signs of birds Hermes crafted the roots of all tongues and encapsulated the DNA of the universe.

All the world obeys the will of He who weaves the Heavens and Earth together!

Hail to the Master Magician who travels the realms with ease!

Praise be to you, Hermes! I praise you in song!

But I shall call to my mind both you and another song!

Hail to the Sun God For He is a Very Fun God

I challenge you all today to commit a random act of Polytheism. Just go outside and do something in honor of any deity no matter who might be around to witness it! (Bonus Points if upwards of 20 people see you do it)

I plan on going outside and shouting “Dua Ra” at the top of my lungs. Why Ra? The serious reason is because I am grateful for the blessing that is the Sun and He is not a deity I interact with often despite His importance in one of my traditions. The less serious reason is because I like His name. I mean, just say it: Ra! Ra! RAAAAAAAA!!!!! DUA RAAAAA!!!!!!!

Hail to Ra! Hail to all of the Gods!

Hermes on Thursday

Sing, O Muse, of Hermes on Thursday!

Praise be to the Angel of Zeus who upholds the cosmic order established by the wise King of the Gods!

You are the agent of the Most High, O Hermes!

As Father Zeus wills it, you ensure that it is done.

When a messenge needs to be sent, when a child needs to be smuggled away, when a challenge to the divine order is to be thwarted, it is Hermes to whom these tasks are assigned.

O Lord Hermes, He who maintains the universe, may you ever and always be with us!

May the pious be protected against the forces that wish to destroy the ways of the Gods.

May all enemies of the Gods and the faithful be cutdown.

May they be bound!

May they be beaten!

May they be smote by lightning!

Many criminals have trespassed the Gods and all have known the wrath of Hermes!

Praise be Hermes who defends against wickedness.

I praise you in song. But I shall call to my mind both you and another song.

Hermes on Monday

Sing, O Muse, of Hermes on Monday!

By the light of the Moon, Hermes is a watcher at the gate and a thief in the night.

His craftiness in Nyx’s gloom is known throughout the cosmos.

That same craftiness established the calendar, charted out the stars, and taught humanity the order of the seasons.

O great Hermes, in Egypt they say you even live in the Moon.

Let us bask in your silvery glory, Lord Hermes!

Let us bask in the celestial light and gaze in awe at the cosmos you bring order to!

Praise be to you Hermes, I praise you in song.

But I shall call to my mind both you and another song!

Sorry Trent, but it’s true.

I want to make it clear that I stand with Sannion. His name is being dragged through the mud for no reason at all and it needs to end. Miss Magdalene, you are purposefully misrepresenting symbols of our religion (your religion!) just to make people hate Sannion when he has done nothing even remotely resembling what you accuse him of. I won’t stand for it. I publicly decry you! What you are doing is irresponsible, duplicitous, vindictive, and wrong. Plain and simple.

The House of Vines

I find it very strange that Scarlet Magdalene and people like her insist on calling me a Nazi. When asked for evidence she posted links to 4 or 5 older pieces of mine – every one of which consisted of me not only denouncing Nazi ideology (beyond just “they killed a bunch of people” – like, even if that hadn’t happened I’d still oppose Nazis) but condemning all forms of racism, sexism, etc. When this was pointed out she doubled down with I hate Jews (curious, since three of my romantic partners have been of Jewish extraction; I’d say that rather proves the opposite, especially since I’m still on good terms with two of them) and then started ranting about the pics. Oh, the pics!

One of which was taken at a largely Black production of Euripides’ Bakchai by the historical Classical Theatre of Harlem and the other taken here in…

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I Put a Spell on You

Alright, everyone. Time to reveal who you as an audience picked for the next Sorceress hymn. I asked, you voted! Who’s behind Door #1?

It’s Medeia! The divine princess of Colchis who likes witchcraft, marital fidelity, and long walks on the beach leading to the Underworld so She can serve as priestess of Hekate. She’s your match!

Thanks to everyone who voted and goodnight!

To Sobek

Sing, O Muse, of Sobek!

Mighty Crocodile God, you who created the life-giving Nile from your sweat, you are a force to be reckoned with.

You reign from the carnelian temple of the mountain of Bakhu and your glorious presence is felt within the lake of Fayuum!

O great Sobek, you are creation at its most powerful and fierce.

You are the Lord of Semen who takes women from their husbands whenever He wishes.

You are the source of all living seed.

Green and verdant grow the marshy plumage of water-dwelling plants wherever you swim, Lord Sobek.

May all bow before the primeval strength of the Lord of Waters and be in awe at the strength of Petsuchos!

Praise be to you, Sobek!

My words flow like the blessed river you gifted the world endlessly in honor of you.

I praise you in song but I shall call to my mind both you and another song!